State of Kind - Texas: 22q In Your Shoe (Rd 2)

22q 3

left and right view

You can help save/better the lives of others simply by buying some socks! State of Kind is a mission to raise awareness for 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome through acts of kindness in every state. For State of Kind - Texas, we will be partnering with Sock Club/Knitout (based in Austin) to create this 22q Awareness sock. The act of kindness will actually be performed by each person who purchases and wears a pair of these beauties. How is that an act of kindness? Well each time someone sees/compliments/attempts to steal a pair of your fly socks and inquires as to the meaning of the 22q, you have the opportunity to help spread awareness for a somewhat common (1 in 1000) but rarely heard of genetic disorder. Due to the amount of symptoms associated with 22q (nearly 200), many children and adults go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. By buying and wearing these socks, you may help change the life of someone in a way you never thought you could. If that isn't an act of kindness, I don't know what is!