Socks and Stocks

Socks and stocks campaign 3

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Have you ever owned a tech startup company or wished you get involved with one? Here's your chance. The offer: Every pair of these super awesome Zimni socks comes with a super awesome pair of Zimni Stocks! What's Zimni? Zimni is a place where you can receive personalized and expert advice when you're shopping for a new electronic. We are literally product hunters and we guarantee that we hunt for the best products, at the best price. We're going to research so hard it may become a professional sport. Why Zimni? Whether it's going on a picnic with your family, reading a book or watching a movie with your cat, we want you to spend your time doing what you love. Submit what you're shopping for, and let Zimni get to work. Ok, Ok.. I'm in.. How does this work? We're raising money so we can find a permanent home for Zimni, create awesome jobs and up our ability to save more time, for more people, in many different ways! When you buy a pair of these rad socks, Zimni throws in 2 shares of Zimni stock. If you love what we’re doing please help us out by sharing this with your friends, family & coworkers! Saving money is cool. Saving time is cooler. Any info requests can be sent to [email protected]